The Great Gatsby by Jack Clayton in 1974

After having study in class an excerpt from « The Great Gatsby » by F.Scott Fitzgerald, I wan’t to talk about the wonderful adaptation of Jack Clayton in 1974.
Thus  F Scott Fitzgerald’s  novel  therefore also this film adaptation tells the story of the mysterious Jay Gatsby who stages  the scene of Long Island  with his parties and enigmatic persona. The novel present also emblematic of the Jazz Age of the 1920s; a portrait of decadent fun and impossible dreams. Indeed, the film realised by  Jay Clayton shows this atmosphere very well.
 The cast of this adaptation is so very well done. The Great Gatsby role is played by Robert Redford which is wonderful .Robert Redford plays really well. He is at the height of the character of Gatsby we imagine in the book with a lot of charisma.
And in the role of Daisy Buchanan (the eternal love of Gatsby) is Mia Farrow which she is verry beautiful. She pierces the screen.  In the role of the neighbor, Nick Carraway is Sam Waterson.

 I advise you to see this adaptation (I find the film of Jay Clayton is  better than the one that was made in 2013, it is more authentic, and it  transcribed the atmosphere of the Jazz Age of the 1920s. And I think the actors are wonderful.)
I leave you to get an idea a trailer that I found :

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