The piano by Jane Campion in 1993

It is after watching ,during his discour,the homage by  Xavier Dolan  (made at Cannes 2014 where that he received  the Jury Prize for Mommy) to Jane Campion for his film The Piano that I wanted to see this film : the film that had so marked Xavier Dolan. Therefore  I’ve seen this film and I have not been disappointed.

 « The Piano » is a film directed by Jeanne Campion, in 1993 with Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Anna Paquin and Sam Neill.
The story of this film takes place in the 19th century. It tells the story of  Ada, a mute pianist, leaving Scotland with her daughter Flora to New Zealand. She must marry a man she has never seen, Alistair Stewart. Despite difficulties , the young woman did want to part with his piano. But on the beach where she comes, Stewart refuses to transport the piano. Ada, sad, is forced to give up what  the piano. Stewart ended up selling the piano to Baines, nearly opposite and illeterate.
Baines then done at ??Ada a proposal that the young woman accepted yet. In exchange for freedoms, she will regain her piano.
Jane Campion with this film is one of the most beautiful filmmakers.
There are some magnificent plans in this film and the soundtrack is beautiful. Jane Campion wanted to tell the story of a original sensual awakening between Baines and Ada.
Palme d’Or at Cannes « The piano » is romantic and original.

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  1. Look « Top f the lake » it is a series directed by Jane Campion. This series is impressive make in the New Zealand. Campion critiscim the condition of the woman compared to man.

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