The Roaring Twenties

« The Roaring Twenties » is the name given to the growing period in America, but then in Europa too : in great britain we called them « the Golden Twenties » and in France « les années folles » for example. This period extends from the end of the First World War until the economic crisis in 1929.

First, this was a period of economic growth. It was like a second industrial revolution for the USA, thanks to great technical advances. Frederic Taylor and Henri Ford were two main characters of this growth with their new ways of working. Thanks to them, the automoblie industry was representred as a booming sector.

Then, this was a period in wich born a new society : high urbanization and more and more skyscrapers. Woman are emancipated and called « the flappers » : they cut their hair and weared jeans.

There was also a cultural growth. People listened Jazz and blues, new stars and lifestyle. It was also the Golden Age for Hollywood and birth of realisme and naturalisme

New generation was in fond of these changes but older people guessed they were totaly crazy and « degenerate »

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