This is Halloween !

Hey ! Tonight it’s Halloween !

What are you going to do tonight ? Get out ? Personally, i don’t like very much celebrate this event, so i will stay with my family in front of a very good and known movie.. The Nightmare Before Christmas ! This very good movie is realised by the amazing Tim Burton ( Frankenweenie or Beetlejuice are very good for a Halloween evening too, but The Nightmare Before Christmas is the best EVER, i swear).

The story takes place in the town of Hallowen, Jack Skellington, the main character of this film, (he is a skeleton, what discovery !) Jack is bored by the same events each year, Halloween. He decided to be alone for thinking about his condition and he discovered, by accident, a new beautiful world : Christmas Town ! After that, a few events will arrive and Jack will change number of rules… Not always pleasant for everybody…

This movie is one of my favorite, this world is very interessant and amazing ! (as all the different world of Tim Burton, i’m ok) And i prefer the english version for the songs that i know by heart. Finally, i give you an internet link of my favorite… Happy Halloween everyone !
Enjoy ! ->

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