We have watched in class 1984 which is a British film directed by Michael Radford and based on the novel by George Orwell and released in 1984. That’s a science fiction movie and I like this kind of film. Here is a short summary, manipulating and controlling every detail of the lives of his subjects, Big Brother is the spiritual leader of Oceania, one of three states whose capital is London. The bureaucrat Winston Smith works in one of the departments. But one day he falls in love with Julia, which is a crime. Both of them will try to escape, but in this nightmarish world divided into three, be all that revolts broke.

 In my opinion, during the film, it’s a little complicated to understand the story because I have the impression that the film is not sufficiently detailed to allow a good understanding. But at the end, we understand everything because there are more and more events. There are some terrifying scenes where we see the character being abused.

We should read the novel because it’s still a strange world and maybe much in the film than in the original work. But generally this is a film well done and for the characters, they played a nice role and as a result, they are excellent in this movie.

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