Looking for Alaska

During my holiday I have read « Looking for Alaska ». Before I bought it I just have heard about this book but I didn’t know the story, so I really didn’t know what happend. Written by John Green and published in 2005, this book is destined to teenagers.

The story is focus on Miles Halter who leaves his parents for university campus of Culver Creek, in Alabama. He meets his room-mate Chip and Chip’s friends: Alaska Young and Takumi. Together, they do jokes to annoy rich students in the campus.

Wathever the story of love is already seen, the story talks about important question if we are able to see them. So the story is interessant but is not my favorite book.

Une réflexion au sujet de « Looking for Alaska »

  1. I’ve read this book and…I found it strange.Before the hero come in the Creek,his life is boring in fact and he really wants to change that, he’s looking for something important to live, this book is interesting because all of us would to answer the question « what are we living? ». The hero manages to answer this question.

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