Nineteen Eighty-Four

Nineteen eighty four is a film directed by Michael Radford and based on the novel by George Orwell. It is a science fiction movie. The story tells about the life of an employee called Winston. He lives in a world of war between three nations: Oceania, Eastasia and the Eurasia. This world is run by a man called Big Brother. Winston works for him. It is part of the proletariat, he lives in a very modest home. He is very intelligent and able to think by himself, but it’s totally forbidden. Population has confront a gigantic propaganda from Big Brother. His image is posted everywhere,  all man has in his home a kind of television screen who can hear or reprimand them if necessary. One day, Winston will commit a crime totally prohibited by the current regime. He will live a love story with a young woman. To punish him, the men of big Brother will use torture and barbaric methods. At the end, Winston suffered so much that it ends to be completely alienated by the dictates of Big Brother.
This film is quite disturbing for the audience, the story is purely invented, but we can easily make parallels with dicatures of history as fascism. With this film you can see to what extent man can go to protect his own interests. We also see that thought is the only thing that enables a man to survive, as long as there‘s hope there’s life. This film is a kind of warning, after seeing, we reflects on the human condition, on the fact that man can make the best like the worst.

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