« Rampage » by Uwe Boll

Rampage, sniper in freedom is an action film canado-German, carried out by Uwe Boll, directly left in DVD in 2009. This film isn’t really at all known because it’s a film very disturbing for the government of America. And it’s even incredible which this film isn’t censured!! I wanted to speak to you about it because I find this subject rather interesting. Brendan Fletcher plays the main role perfectly, it plays a man very disturbed who is completely against the society, against American lifestyle etc. It’s a film which almost wants to be shock like documentary with images of files, which denounces that one is of agreement or not with the ideas of the character. It’s not a film which wants to be implicit!
Then if you are not afraid of the firearms and that you like the action, and the denunciation; don’t hesitate to look this film !

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