The Birds – Hitchcock

For the cinema option I studied 3 movies of Hitchcock and I would like to talk about one of them : The Birds. Even if I liked it, I found it was a very strange movie. At the beginning of the film a woman, Melanie Daniels, meets a man, Mitchell Brenner, in a dealer birds. They talk about « inseparables », a category of birds that Mitchell wants to offers to his little sister. Then Melanie goes in Bodega Bay where lives Mitchell to bring him the inseparables. After that there are different attacks of birds and we don’t know why. The film is very intriguing and special but in the same time I found it very good. I suggest you to watch it !

2 réflexions au sujet de « The Birds – Hitchcock »

  1. It is a masterpiece, Hitchcock is a person very important in the history’s cinema. The birds is impressive but this movie scares me.

  2. I love Hitchcock ! « The Birds » is a real masterpiece ! The one I prefer is « Psychose », this film director is a genius !!!

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