The Maze Runner

Hi everybody, i will talk about The Maze Runner today.

First, i saw the movie twice in cinema, and then it becomes directly one of my favorite. Then, i started to read the book… And i think i fell in love with the story’s book as much as the story’s movie. But as you can think, yes, this is not the same story. Netherless the character and the set is similar, this is just the event and some actions wich are not alike.

So, i decided to explain a little bit the story of the movie because the movie is a little bit more famous than the story’s book thanks just to the trailer by exemple.

Thomas, a teenager as us, finds himself in a unknown place, wich is surrounded by a giant maze. He is only surrounded by boys, wich have approximately his age too. He did not remember anything, just except his name. He will discover thereafter the goal of all these boys and will help them, even if the danger, unknown and unexpeted, is really present, all day, all night. Even among his friends, even himself..

As i said at the beginning, this story is one of my favorite, because the story is just amazing and original. The actions and the actor’s play are just perfectly executed. I specially recommend this movie. And if you want, you really can read the story and see the movie : this isn’t the same story but twice deserve to be notice.

And you ? What do you think about it ? Who is your favorite character ? (Mine is Minho, he is SO cool aha)

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