1984, The Novel

Hi everybody!

We saw the movie « 1984 » in class, and even if this film is disruping, I found that there are some interesting notions: for example the denunciation of totalitarian societies. Personally I don’t saw the movie entirely, so I tried to found something for know the end, because I was curious, and I found the book of « 1984 ».

These novel is a dystopia, and it’s the most famous novel written by George Orwell (also with « Animal Farm », which I recommand too. We studied it in class last year), and it is very interesting to read it because we found all the notions that we are actually learning at class: the « novlangue » for example.

Even if you don’t have understand the movie, go read it!

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  1. I read the book before we watched the movie and I loved it much !!! That’s why I was happy to watch the movie in class !

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