The journey and Kerouac

I would like to talk about a suject I’m crazy about. The journey. The journey is a way to escape from reality and discover a new way of life. We can just go for a while, such as during our holidays, or all year long. It’s a mean to search oneself and to learn more about our society and other isolated society. I particularly apreciate the road-trip because I hit the road all day and stop when I want, eat where I want and sleep in my car, meet people and talk with them, in fact it’s the perfection of freedom. One day I would like to make a road-trip, with my friend, during a year, through the USA.

Maybe I’m inspired by the famous writer of 50’s, Jack Kerouac. He wrote the book « On The Road » and some others like « The Dharma Bums », « Big Sur », « The Town and the City »… He made part of the Beat Generation which is an artistic movement of the 1950’s. They all travelled around the USA and in Mexico too. They were born during the age of the rock’n’roll and also listened a lot of jazz music. All their works of art are rythmed by music and journeys. In fact they all created some books, poems, musics to share their point of view of the begining of the consumer society. Moreover, Jack Kerouac has travelled to search himself and make his own vision of life, love, freindship and family.

I advise you to read « On the Road » and to read also Allen Ginsberg, a famous poet and friend of Jack Kerouac. There is an adaptation of On the Road by Walter Salles, it’s a good movie, enjoy it ! 🙂

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  1. This is amazing I’ve heard about the book but really slightly but now I want to read the book and watch the movie so thank you. And who never dreamt of the road-trip through the USA, it’s just seem so wonderful.

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