The wolf of wall street!

Certainly one of the most popular film of this year: This last Scorsese’s movie was a huge success worldwide probably thank’s to the presence of M. Dicaprio in the cast (I understood that he was quite popular on this blog), but mainly because it’s a very good movie! Inspired by a real fact, it tells the story of the famous trader Jordan Belfort and its irresistible rise in the finances’ world in the 90s where only money talks.I choose to talk about this movie because it illustrates the notions we study in class very well:

  • first, it refers to the notion of « Power and counter-power » we study on english class: it denonces very explicitly the power of traders who earn money thank’s to fraudulence and dishonesty. It’s a very nice satire of the financial’s world, and of Wall Street’s manipulations in particular.
  • « The Wolf of Wall Street » refers also to the theme of « the initiatory journey » we study in literature class: the journey into a new world (finances’ world) which brings him a lot of happiness and satisfaction (here, money is the satisfaction for the character of Jordan Belfort and his buisness’ partners). But, he will be caught up by his mistakes from the past and he will have to come back into the real world (the FBI forced him to betray his collegues and friends, then he went to prison during almost 2 years).

This movie is a perfect illustration of the ravages that money can do in our modern World. If you haven’t seen « The Wolf of Wall Street » yet, I really advice you to watch it.

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  1. I watched this movie and I loved it. I’m mad about Scorcese’s movies and Leonardo Dicaprio, so, I find it amazing !

  2. I have to say that The Wolf of Wall Street got me. I was very skeptical but in fact I couldn’t look up from the screen. It’s so taking and sarcastic, even acid. I appreciate the fact to discover this somber part from american economic sector because I’m convinced that our image from USA is totally fake and idealized.

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