An example of voyage and Return Stories : Alice in Wonderland



Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a novel written by Lewis Carroll in 1865.

The main character is called Alice. She is a girl who finds herself in a strange world of imagination and fantasy. One day, Alice sees a rabbit who is wearing a evening wear and he runs as if he is late. So Alice follows him and she fall down the rabbit hole : she discovers the Wonderland. All are differents, cats smile, we can play croquet with a pink flammand, babies are transformed into small pigs, there are anthropomorphic creatures.

The Alice’s travel is an initiatory tale which permit to travel and discover a different world, to increase, to learn and to escape ourselves.

But it is not only a initiatory journey which permit Alice to grow up and to discover the sense of the outside world. For Alice, Wonderland is her world . For her as for the readers, the sense of the tale is as much a self-discovery (childhood for example) as the discovery of the society.



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