Atonement – Ian McEwan

Atonement is a novel written by McEwan and published in 2001.

The book was adapted into a film, directed by Joe Wright and released in 2007. He also directed Pride and Prejudices and Anna Karenine. I think that it’s a really good film director.

I really advise you to read this book or to see the film adaptation.The book was nominated for the Booker Prize in 2001. The Times said that it was the best novel of the year and it was included in the list of the 100 best novels. The film is starring Keira Knightley as Cecilia, James McAvoy as Robbie and Saoirse Ronan as Briony. The film adaptation won one Oscar for the best film score, created by Dario Marianelli and two Golden Globes for the best film score too and the best dramatic film. It had also 29 nominations.

The story takes place in 1935. It talks about a young girl, Briony Tallis, whose family is rather wealthy, who doesn’t understand the love of her old sister Cecilia for Robbie Turner, the housekeeper and an old friend of the family. While his cousins came to visit the family, she assists in his cousin’s rape. But instead of telling the truth and saying who the real culprit is, she said that it’s Robbie who did the rape. Well, he was arrested and he was obliged to fight during the World War II in France. Cecilia and Robbie are separated. It’s a really gripping story and really moving. Moreover, there is a really unexpected overthrow.

The film adaptation is a really good. I really liked the way of filming. I tell you this story because I think that it can be a good illustration for the thematic : Meeting people, love and friendship because this love story has never could existed because of the lie of her sister. And you have you already seen this film or read the novel ? Did you enjoy it ?

The film adaptation by Joe Wright : 


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  1. I saw this adaptation of Joe Wright you mentioned and, by the way, I had his film « Anna Karénine » this month. I liked it, as most of his movies.
    I discovered Joe Wright in the same time as you and I really agree with you : he has a great sens of the beauty.
    The story of Atonement happens in a different, even opposite universe from « Pride and Prejudice » : it’s a mix of strangeness and beauty, all in a rythm incredibly seducing.

  2. I will see it ! I’ve seen a movie about two lovers seeking after the war and in the end the man dies I hope that the more happy!

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