Sils Maria, a mix of depth and delicacy

In september, I saw a french film, directed by Olivier assayas. But the film has a british charm, something really deep which magnetizes irresistibly everyone. The first and the most obvious element which remembers us this british atmosphere -between cold forests, the irresistible language with its softness and the warm culture- is the actress Kirsten stewart chosen by the director. I had a lot of prejudices against this one but finally I found her really amazing. Then, Juliette Binoche was great too and this couple is absolutely  captivating on the screen. At this cast we can add Chloé Grace Moretz, an american actress more and more famous in the cinema’s universe.

But the most interesting part of the film is its topic : Olivier assayas decided to evokes the difficulty for a woman to grow older, and particularly in the world and the industry of the cinema. Here, the actress faces herself to her youth, on the stage. Actually a theatre producer contacts her to convince her to play another time a play she had already done. But this time she won’t be the daughter, the young one anymore. She will be the mother, the character she despised when she was young and when she played the role of a young girl.

All the pain and the wound the topic raises is developped during the film. It’s probably the most important act of the old actress’s life, it’s an act in a film, a play in a fiction. This choice from the director is really interesting and leads us to question ourself. What’s a play for an actor? What’s the link between fiction and reality, when time goes and never stops? It’s probably one of the best films I saw this year and this work deserves its mention to the festival of Cannes.

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