The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave is a science fiction novel written by Rick Yancey and released in 2013. It’s the first part of a trilogy, and the second book was just release in november but I haven’t already read. She is called The Infinite Sea. An adaptation in film will be release in 2016 directed by J. Blakeson.

In this novel, Cassie Sullivan, a sixteen years old girl tries to survive, alone, at an alien invasion. She is alone because the world is devastated by the alien’s waves of destruction and uncommon humans humans who have success to survive lives isolated. Cassie will do everything to save his brother’s life removed by aliens.
I like this novel because the story is very original, for exemple, Cassie had never seen aliens and they destroy the humanity by waves.
First is the electromagnetic pulse which destroy every earth technologie, the second is tsunamis destroy lot of cities, the plague is the third eradicate many survivors with a virus and the fourth wave, called « The Silence », it’s the others arrival, the aliens, on earth, disguise in humans. The novel takes place inter the 4th and 5th wave, what we don’t know the action. In this novel, we have lot of suspense also, and it’s a reason what I like this book.
But, it’s probably the french translation fault, but I think the author isn’t a good writer, I dislike his writing style, the descriptions are simplistic, without good vocabulary, so familiar.

So, I like this novel for the scenario, despite the written style.

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