The Host

The Host is a thriller published in 2010 and written by Stephanie Meyer.

Humanity is surrounded by alien and there are not many humans left. The main character is a teenager, Melanie Stryder and Wanderer who is a old alien. To dominate the Earth, alien need to take possession of people’s body. Wonderer is like a soul in Melanie’s body. So Wanderer try to dominate Melanie but Melanie’s feelings are very strong and it becomes dificult for Wanderer to control its new body. With Melanie’s memory, Wanderer knows where the last resisting humans are and where Jared is: the man who Melanie loves. To survive Melanie and Wanderer needs to beame allies.

The film was released in 2013 and it was directed by Andrew Niccol it’s an adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s book. So it’s the same story without some details present in book.

I’ve read the book and watch the film and to my opinion it’s a good adaptation even if I prefered the book. I found the story interesting and I really liked read the book, so one day if you can reading it and like sci-fi,I advise you to do so.

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