Utopia – Thomas More

Utopia is a novel written by Thomas More, released in 1516. It tells us the story of Raphaël Hythlodée an explorer who discover the island of Utopia. He describes and explains us everything he see on this island. On this island everything is controled by mathematics the only way to ensure the equality.
When this novel was published it was for Thomas More a satire of his society. But with this novel Thomas More has create the notion of « utopia » wich didn’t exist before.

4 thoughts on “Utopia – Thomas More

  1. I already studied this novel in class! I remember that I found it rather special, because this kind of notion is not the kind of things that we studied in general

  2. I think that make a world where everything is perfect to make a satire of one society, is a very good idea. Is a way to criticize subtly !

  3. I liked much to study last year an extract of the book! It’s really very interesting to see the satire of the society seen by a famous author!

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