A canadian family gives up modern technoligies to live in 1986.

Here is a family living in the 80s. Not officially but simply by abandoning all technologies invented after 1986. They chose this date because i's their birth's year.
Blair McMillan decided to keep the old television of our grandmothers, but this means that there's not a lot of programs. To watch something else than The Young and the Restless (=les feux de l'amour), they don't have a DVD player, but a cassette player, like when we were little. They also have a fixed phone but no mobile phone (how they contact when they are not at home? Pigeons?). Everything is rustic, apparently even his hair cut because it still has the mullet cut.
They took a family road trip this summer, they did not use GPS but a map. A good old paper map, difficult to read, and they kept the kids focused with coloring books and stickers. They gave up their cell phones. They deleted their Facebook accounts. They created a box for visitors to give up their phones, tablets, and gadgets while hanging out in the McMillan home. Then, Blair said that the cost of living is reduced when you're not paying for cable and Internet etc ..

This family proves that technologies are not necessary to our survival. Although I would not get in this kind of adventure .


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  1. I think in France this lifestyle is impossible. For example for the school, the professors ask us much to print things, etc at home….

  2. It’s funny but I think it could be better if we push the concept further, like live in the 70’s or 60’s !

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