Lord of the flies

As we studied the voyage and return stories, I thought about the Lord of the flies written by William Golding and which is considered a dystopian novel.
There are children who travelled by plane to reach the USA during the World War. They would escape the violence of the war but their plane is fallen in the sea and they are lost in a deserted island. They try to found a society with an organization. The island is very beautiful, at the beginning they feel good.
The leaders tell some stories about a monster present on the island, the children begin to have nightmare and the story becomes fascinating when they fear more and more this monster which is nothing but themselves. Each child becomes violent to survive whereas they have no real reason to feel threatened. The conflict turns into a kind of civil war on the island up to the end, when some adults find them and help them, realizing that they are become crazy indeed. The « lord of the flies » is just the symbol of the monster.
There was a film about this book in the 90’s too.

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  1. I loved watching this film in class. I had heard about it but I had never seen it before. I think it’s a great allegory of human nature as we said in class but it’s a little disturbing because one wonders if in a such situation, our most basic instincts may speak for us or how do we react ?

  2. I was not here when you watched the movie in class so I watched it at home and I really like it. I agree with what we said in class, I think it’s a good movie to show that people can become dangerous because of their primary instinct

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