H.G Wells, The island of Dr. Moreau

Anyone who was in my class in 10th grade (2nd) will recognise this book … I think. So I wanted to do an article on this book because I believe it could fit in the notion « Travelling, initiatory journey and exile » that we are currently studying .
This story is about Prendick ,only survivor of a wreck, saved by a man called Montgomery. His (Montgomery’s) boat is sailing to an island with animals on board. On the island Prendick will meet the Dr. Moreau and realize with horror which kind of experiment he leads. After he chooses to face the dangers (Sorry, it’s really woolly but I’m really bad at summaries I have a tendancy to say everything) he manages to escape on a raft and goes back to England but he is traumatized by what he witnessed.
This is one of the books I really enjoyed reading in 10th because it is an adventure and obviously a lot of things happend, there are a lot of twists and it’s mysterious. In other words it keeps you interested, you really want to know what is going to happend next and I’m not saying we should only read this kind of book. But if you want to let’s say read during a plane or train trip take this, not « Madame Bovary » otherwise you won’t read you’ll sleep because ,come on, it’s great, really, but who can read this in a row ?
I hope you’ll give it a shot and if you want there are also movie adaptations, but I have only seen the trailers and I don’t think it manages to reveal Wells talent and certainly not his writing. But here it is, so that you can make your own opinion.

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