Pride and prejudice by Jane Austen

I had the opportunity  to read this book last year and I really liked it. This is a novel by the great English writer of the nineteenth century : Jane Austen. « Pride and prejudice » is a novel published in 1813.  It is a psychological novel and a romance novel. It is presented in three parts.

 Mr. and Mrs. Bennett had five daughters to be married. So, they hope that one of them will please Mr Bingley, their rich new neighbor. Unfortunately the haughty Mr Darcy, the friend of Bingley, influential friend of Bingley, he takes a very dim view of his friend fall in love with Jane Bennett.
Elizabeth Bennet is closely following the evolution of the feelings of his favorite sister. Then came the Wickham officer, a seductive military man who does not leave indifferent Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is then the heroine of this novel. Everything gonna turn around her. It is clear that there is in fact a hero who is the heroine : Elizabeth.  And that through her, in her and it all with her that the story happens.
Here’s the first sentence of the book Pride and Prejudice to make you want to read : « It is a truth universally acknowledged that a unmarried provided with a large fortune must want to get married, and so little that we know of his feelings in this regard when he comes to a new residence, the idea is so well fixed in the minds of his neighbors that they see on the field as the rightful property of one or other of their daughters.« 
Jane Austen behind the romantic adventures of the five Bennet girls so behind the romantic side of this novel, faithfully Jane Austen depicts the rigidities of English society at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Through the behavior and thoughts of Elizabeth Bennet, the main character, she raises the problems women at this time.   

Then, in 2013, Le Nouvel Observateur, in a special issue devoted to the literature of the nineteenth and twentieth century, quotes this novel  among the sixteen titles selected for the nineteenth centuryconsidering it as « possibly the first masterpiece of the feminine literature. « 

« Pride and Prejudice » is the source of the greatest number of adaptations. One that I liked is a film by Jeffrey Wright with  Keira Knightley, Brenda Blethyn, Donald Sutherland, Judi Dench. It’s a verry good adaptation. It is a dramatic comedy. I recommend it is a beautiful love story. And plans by Jeffrey Wright are beautiful (the landscape, the universe…) Keira Knightley plays very well. She is a great actress.

I advise you to watch the trailer then watch this film and especially I suggest you read the book  :









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  1. I’ve seen the film directed by Joe Wright and I think it is… really long and it is too corny to me..

  2. I adore this film! It one of my is preferred and I like also much the book, I read it when I was with the college!

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