« Pride Prejudice Zombies »

Written by Seth Grahame-Smith in 2009 , this is an parody of Jane Austen’s « Pride and Prejudice »written in 1813. The autor has put in this classical book new fictionnal and modern elements : zombies and ninjas. Seth Grahame-Smith has keep 85% of original text but he gives to Bennet girls and to Mr.Darcy a prodigious talent to fight.

Story : England is attacked by a mysterious disease: the zombies come out of the ground and contaminate people in the countryside. The army is present in the most dangerous compaigns. The Bennet sisters when they were little attended a combat training in China to learn to defend themselves. They were strong warlike with their « Pentagram of Death ». But Elisabeth is most stronger and most famous. Mr Bingley arrived in Netherfield and Mrs.Bennet wanted to marry one of her daughters with him.
In Maryton’s ball sisters saw his kindness ans charm but his friend Mr.Darcy , a very rich and with an horrible character man , refuses to dance with Elisabeth. So she decided to KILL him, vexed. But they were attacked by zombies and Elisabeth kill them with her sisters.
Her way of fight and her character impresses Darcy and he begins to fall in love while she still hates him…

This Story is verry funny ! Read it ! It is in the school library !

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  1. Ahhh, finally something good! This adaptation must have very action than the film directed by Joe Wright which is…. too corny!

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