Eragon is an American film by Stefen Fangmeier, based on the novel by Christopher Paolini, release in 2006.
The main scenes take places in a village called Carvahall. The main character is Eragon. He discovered in the woods a dragon egg. From that moment, the young man pupil the dragon who's growing fast, but it is also chased by the bad guys. He also learns to fight and wield magic. He's the only person who may be able to bring down the empire of the heartless, Galbatorix.

Normally that's a novel in three volumes, except that there is only one film adaptation because, apparently, there would have not been enough in the cinema entrance. In addition, the film's story would have been too much changed from the first book.

Personally, I liked this film; there is action, strange creatures and all that kind of stuff.

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