Fury is an American and Chinese film directed by David Ayer, in october 2014. the principal actor is Brad Pitt, Shia Laboeuf, Logan Lerman, Michael  Pe???n?a and Jon bernthal.

The fillm takes place in Germany, in april 1945 at the end of World War II. during the film we follow, a tank team appointed « Fury », with a new young gunner (Logan Lerman) because his predecessor is dead, during the last mission. Then « Fury » was deployed with four other tanks to progress in Nazi’s lines. But after a fight with an German tank, they find alone. Afterwards they stop by a mine while an SS army make for them. they decided to fight against them in their tank.

The surroundings are very different of traditional war’s films. This film gives a real submersion in the tank and shows the Americans troops’ state of mind, the lack of staff and the oldest tank compared to the German « tiger ». The story are inspired of a real tank appointed Fury which storm German army. The actors meet tanks’ veterans and they follow a training in a military training centrer during some weeks.

To finish Steven price is the author of soundtrack which is wonderful and oppressive. he composed Gravity’s soundtrack too.

5 réflexions au sujet de « Fury »

  1. I think it was one of the best movie of the year. Personnly, i was really impressed by the performance of Shia Laboeuf, I find he’s particulary talented although he is completely unconscious and mad. I was rather suprised by the end and its little touch of humanity behind all that atrocities.

  2. Shia Laboeuf is a good actor in Transformers, but this movie is completly different. I’ve seen the trailer but I don’t have seen the film. It seems very interesting!

  3. I really found this film great. All the actors well played, and the story is touching. The end is a little far fetched, I’m agree with you, but you forgot that’s an American movie, so, it’s a little bit normal. But in my opinion, it’s a really great film.

  4. My brother watch it and he said to me that the movie was really nice, with an amazing soundtrack, but he was a little bit puzzled at the end. I think I will watch it this week end, even if war movies are not my cup of tea, why not !

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