GANDHI – Movie (1983)

Gandhi is a film directed by Richard Attenborough in 1982.

The film traces the important moments in the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and the struggle for Indian independence.

Some scenes evoke the Salt Walking, the death of his wife during his captivity, the independence and partition of India and finally to his assassination January 30, 1948.

The person playing Gandhi is Ben Kingsley.

This film won multiple awards like the Oscar, British Academy Film Award and Golden Globe Awards.

We also learn that Ben Kingsley, whose real name is Krishna Bhanji, originated by his father to the Indian state of Gujarat in which was also born Mahatma Gandhi and the scene of the assassination of Gandhi was shot in Birla House in New Delhi, the place where Gandhi was actually assassinated.

I’ve particularly liked the film because it had was very well done, the game of the characters is played beautifully , I recommend watching it if you’re interested in  history and at this period.

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  1. I find that really good to honor this Big Man in telling his story and what he endured.

  2. It seems to be a really interesting movie. It’s good to pay tribute to this heroic man.

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