Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde was a British writer born in 1854 and died in 1900. He grew up in the middle of the Protestant bourgeoisie and began to write novels in the years 1880-1885, moreover he wrote plays of theater and poems.


Among his works, one of them  destroyed his literary career : « The Picture of Dorian Gray » which he published in 1890. This book sparked protests among the English critics because of the present homosexuality in the novel. Although Oscar Wilde chose to transmit human thoughts through his novel, he ends up going to jail. (« harm to public morality »)

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  1. I read « the picture of Dorian Gray », I loved it, I will read it again because i’m sure there are many details I didn’t understand the first time

  2. I don’t read this book but I read The importance of being earnest and I rather liked.

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