28 Days Later

It’s a horror and science fiction movie directed by Danny Boyle in 2002.

One day Jim wake up in a hospital of London. All the city seems to be abandonned. In fact London has been evacuated because a dangerous virus which transforms people in a kind of enraged zombie, spread everywhere in the city. The virus is the result of a bad genetic manipulation of scientists.

During all the film we travel around London with a group of survivors whose trying to escape from contamined peoples.

This movie is not on only about zombies because we share the fear of characters. And even if it’s an horror and science fiction movie, we can think that’s 28 days later is realistic in numerous points.

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  1. I saw the trailer and … i’m not very enthusiastic ! this film seems to be like other horror films, I think there are too many films about the same subject, which does not mean that this one seems to be really well done 🙂

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