« Billy Elliot » by Melvin Burgess

Billy Elliot is a little boy of England which dreams to become dancer. But his father wants that he plays like him, boxe. He will have to fight to become what he wants. It is a touching novel which explains us how is the society between parents and children in the 20th century in England.
There is a film adaptation of this book which exists.

8 réflexions au sujet de « « Billy Elliot » by Melvin Burgess »

  1. It’s one of my favorite films, I’ve seen it like a thousand time and I want the same paper wall than Billy!

  2. I watched this movie during the summer holidays and I really liked it, it’s a very good movie !

  3. I totally agree with Bénédicte, for the film AND the wallpaper ! I really like it because it mentions the fact that men’s position in ballet is not really easy and most of the time they suffer from stereotypes…

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