Don’t talk about the Fight Club!


The time has come to talk about a movie which I can call « an experience »: Fight Club!!

Since the release of Gone Girl in October, I remembered how much I admire David Fincher and how much I love all his movies, without any exceptions: Panic Room, Se7en, the Social Network…(and don’t forget the amazing House of Cards). However, Fight Club doesn’t occupy the same place in my heart, Fight club is above these movies, it’s an outlet, an inspiration.

First, I love the screenplay (the movie is adapted from the eponymous novel of Chuck Palahniuk which is my favourite book of all time): The story is divided in 3 major acts: In the begining, we discover the narrator and his boring life, his boring job and his boring apartment described as an Ikea catalog. His sad life seems to finally brighten when he meets the nonconformist Tyler Durden that will teach him how to live without the consumer society’s dictates. They decides together to create the Fight Club to help others man who also looking for an outlet. Unfortunatly, the narrator wil doesn’t be able to control the hundreds of fight clubs which emerged throughout the country and which begin to commit terroristes acts against symbols of the consumer society.

I love the choice of the interpreters (Fincher knows definitely how to choose his actors): Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Jared Leto, EDWARD NORTON!!! seriously, it’s the best cast I ever seen in my entire life. And the character’s construction… Wow! The character’s construction is incredible, you just have to look at the link between Tyler and the narrator ( if you saw Fight Club, you know what I am talking about). The Relationship between Marla and Tyler is also very well done, with all her ambiguity.

Some people thinks that this movie extols the acts of rebellion and the violence but it’s precisely the opposite that the movie stands up for: the last scene shows how much this acts are useless and that it’s not the destruction which is important: it’s the reconstruction. I think it’s a beautiful way of think when we see the tragic events which happened lately

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  1. You mentioned gone girl, for me it is absolutely not the reflect of Fincher’s genius. It is a great disapointement.
    And I Love fight club too 😉

  2. I’m mad about David Fincher, I’ve seen Fight Club and I really like it ! Gone girl is also very good but I think his masterpiece his Se7en, I love it

  3. Not only Fight Club is a great movie by Fincher but Seven also. When we watch these two films, we realize that Fincher likes dealing with madness. You should watch Seven too, rather than Gone Girl which is less impressive.

  4. I do not know at all, but you’re right: waaao Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Jared Leto, EDWARD NORTON ??? I’m sure that I will love it !

  5. I always wanted to see Gone Girl, which seems to be really mysterious (the trailer was nice, and Ben Affleck is so creepy !), but even if I have Fight Club, I never saw it ! I think I nevers wanted to watched it, because a friend spoiled me ! But I think I will use my time during holidays to sit on my couch and watch it !

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