Exit Through the Gift Shop ( Banksy)

I’m going to talk about Exit Through the gift Shop that is a documentary film concerning the street art, urban art in America. It’s a Banksy’s film, the famous english anonymous street artist whose nobody has seen his face. He mainly makes stencils we can see on the numerous walls of American’s streets. The film tells the story of Thierry Guetta a frensh immigrant who lives in Los Angeles. He is very obsessed by street art. He presents hiself as being the Space Invader’s cousin, another famous street artist. Thierry Guetta spends his time to film what he does, he brings his camera everywhere. He feels like meeting Banksy, and finaly he is successful to meet him. Thereafter, Banksy encourages him to be a street artist too. Thus, Thierry Guetta becomes Mr. Brainwash. I really liked this film ! I like so msuh urban art, if you like it, I advice you to watch this film !

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  1. That sounds so interesting! I will hasten to watch this documentary about street art and more I love this art! Nina thank you very much!

  2. I like the work of Banksy. It’s very interesting! I think Nina you can read his book « Wall and Peace » which is very good. In it he explains his graffiti (why, how,..), tell some anecdotes which he lived, and explains his point of view about our society…

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