» Unbroken « 

Unbroken is film directed by Angelina Jolie and released in 2014. The story is based on the novel by Laura Hillenbrand. This is the biography of the famous Olympian Louie Zamperini, who lived from 1917 to 2014.

The film describes the fate of this Olympic runner and hero of the Second World War. His plane crashed at sea in 1942, killing eight crew members and leaving three survivors on a lifeboat where two of them survived for 47 days before being captured by the Japanese navy and sent a camp for prisoners of war. His journey is admirable, he always displaying courage and loyalty even during moments of great suffering. He was a man of great integrity. All his life he recalled the memory of his races. He had a mind of steel. His story end well because at the end of the war he finds his family and friends, and he devoted to God. He finally ran at the Olympic games in Japan in 1980, at the age of 80 years old.

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  1. I found it was a good movie, some scenes are really touching particulary the scene which takes place in the middle of the ocean, but I think the flashbacks could have been more usefull. And i like Jack O’Connell very much (« Skins » nostalgia speaking).

  2. I am very excited to see this movie ! Especially if done by a talented woman ! I love her , she has a huge heart !

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