’71 by Yann Demange

On saturday night I went to the cinema, I watched ’71 by Yann Demande. It deals with the war between Ireland and England. I didn’t know a thing about this war, except that it was hard (like any wars in fact …) So I asked Nicolas M and now I know a lot of things, but what ever, it’s not the subject.

So the story takes place in Belfast in 1971. The main character, Gary Hook, a young english soldier is send to the front on Belfast. Attacks and violence spread terror in the city and children waged war too. During a mission, Gary is abandonned by his team and he was alone and without any help. He will have to come back in his military base.


I was attracted by this movie because there were a lot of good press critics, they said that the movie switched into a thriller. In that way, I was amazed by several shoot: When Gary is chase by Irish man throughtout houses, we follow him as if we were running with him. Morevover the lights are very present and use in differents way: the sunset, the risesun, the lights of the city, the fire… It symbolises a kind of hope in the middle of war. I also noticed esthetism and I found that the director shoots well and actors play with such credibility whici is very rare at that time !

I advise you to watch it, except if you have a sensitive soul !

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  1. oh, this film seems to be great! I want to watch it, I love this kind of movies, because it reminds us the hard conditions during the war!

  2. I like movies which transcribes historical periods or take place in a past context. I never heard of this war but the film looks like very great according to what you write in this article Manon. You always give very good advice ! 😉 Thank you very much.

  3. This film looks interesting, I saw an other film of Yann Demange it’s Criminal Justice, you should watch it !

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