Life of Pi, Yann Martel

Yann Martel, a canadian author who has written his novel, realizes that he’s not satisfied. He’s really out of steam and he sends his novel at a wrong adress in a Northern’s country. He stays in India where he’s travelling and in a kind of restaurant he meets a man who says:
-I know a story who makes you a believer.
And the story of Molitor Pi Patel begins like that.
Then, the author met Pi who told him his extraordinary travel which would inspire the film of Angry Lee « Life of pi ».
At the beginning, Pi is a young Indian man.His parents are owners of a zoo and Pi believes to three religions together: the hindouism, the Islam and the Christendom. His family must go in Canada and the boat which leads them there sinks. Pi is the one to survive with the animal and he stays 267 days on the boat withe a tiger.
There’s a suppostion about the animals: they could be human beings that Pi Have turned into animals, the tiger would be Pi himself. He says: What is the importance to know if they are animals or human beings? I prefer the story with the animal

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  1. I heard this story was very beautiful but I never read it … What is the best way to discover this story, the book or the movie ?

  2. I have watched the movie too, and like it , this story is really beautiful especially when we know that this is a true story !

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