Little House on the Prairie

Yes I know that this story is not the highest in American Literature but is for me a part of my youth ! In « The Little House On The Prairie » Laura Ingalls tells us her story  in the point of view of a teenager and later as an adult. Determined to tell her story, story that Michael Landon has freely adapted into a TV series. Started in 1974, his legendary series has gobbled up the real Laura, embodied by Melissa Gilbert in an avalanche of stupidity.

But let’s get back to the beginning, in 1930. The United Sates  entered in the recession when the real Laura decided to write  her memories, from a small farm in Missouri where she lived with her husband Almanzo. Around sixty, she decided to revisite her youth and celebrated the independence. Rejecting with strength the New Deal of  president Roosevelt. The manuscript, Pioneer Girl, considered too dry and too dark, is refused. That show that the real story is not only about running cheerfully in the meadow !

P.S : Nellie Oleson never existed !

Laura Ingalls


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  1. Personnally, I don’t really like these kind of series because I find it a little boring, even if yes they are some qualities under it

  2. There was a time when I liked to lay on the couch and to watch it… But I was finally getting enough!

  3. The little girl who falls in the field during the credits… The remembrance of this TV series. But I can assure you that she didn’t cry… 🙂

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