»Punch »English satirical newspaper

Today, after  the events of the French satirical newspaper, I have chosen to tell you about a British satirical magazine,  »Punch ».

It’s 150 years old and made the caricature of the poor, strangers, Jews in the last century.

There are 33 000 issues, but this number has been decreasing since the 1940s, yet he remains a symbol of The British press of that time. William Makepeace Thackeray, the author of  »Barry Lyndon  » was one of the journalists.

Willi Wilde, Oscar Wilde’s brother did theater reviews. In 2002, the newspaper was forced to cease  publication.

Today it’s important to read newspaper and help them to survive, like Charlie Hebdo in France.










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  1. Freedom of press is really important. I don’t know the press in other countries than France I should look into it.

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