Cast Away

Cast Away is a Robert Zemeckis movie about a voyage and return story. Starring by Tom Hanks, Chuck Noland (What a premonitory name) is a FedEx employee, time-obsessed systems engineer, who travels worldwide resolving productivity problems for his job. While flying through a violent storm, his airplane crashes into the Pacific Ocean, precisely in the south pacific. The film depicts his attempts to survive on the island using remaining parts of his plane’s cargo. He searches for water, food, survivors and opens the packages, finding a number of potentially useful items. He initially tries to signal for rescue and makes an escape attempt with the remaining parts of his life-raft, but he cannot pass the coral reefs surrounding his island. His only friend and rest of civilization on this deserted island that he can talk to is a volleyball ball that he named Wilson and has paint a face on it with his blood.



Four years later he is still on the island and have created livable condition. Building a lifeboat he is able to navigate away and come back to civilization. Upon returning to civilization, Chuck learns that he has long been given up for dead and his friends and family had held a funeral. His wife, Kelly has since married Chuck’s dentists (which is comic because, on the island Chuck is obliged to operate himself) and has a daughter. Nothing will remain as before…

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