John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and his works The Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings.

To begin, I would like to speak about Tolkien. I know that we had a biography in class but I want to remind you the life of this man. He was born in South Africa in 1892 but he spent his childhood in England (where were his roots) after his father’s death. In 1904, he became orphan with her brother because of his mother’s death. So with this event they were under the responsability of a priest: Father Francis Morgan. Tolkien knew the out-break of the First World War and after to be graduated at Exeter College, he must have gone in France as a second lieutenant in the Lancashire Fusiliers. After his come back in England, he worked as a professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford. He was too a philologist who was and is always admired in all the world. In his life he wrote some novels and poems. He was too an essayist and died in 1973.

To continue, I would like to present you his first novel published in 1937: The Hobbit. I think that you know that this book is to introduce The Lord of The Rings. Moreover now with the new films which were realised recently by Pete Jackson, you might know the story of Bilbo… But if you are like me and have seen just an extract (which I found very long, a little bit borring) or may be nothing, I will sum up his adventures. Bilbo lived quietly when a man comed to take him as a thief. But what this passific creature must steal? A precious stone to give it to dwarves. However this stone is kept by a dragon… During his travel to go to the cave of the dragon in a mountain (in fact an old town of dwarves), he found a ring which have a beautiful power: it permits to disappear! And this object is very important in the Lord of the Rings.

If you are again like me and never seen the films, I will resume this second work. Frodon (a member of Bilbo’s family) must destroy the ring because Sauron needs it to can have the power on the world. Still to destroy it, Frodon must go on the country of his ennemy: in Mordor. Parallelly you follow during the story others characters and some wars.

I think that in fact Tolkien is a genius or may be a crazy man to create this universe. He created a new language for Elves, a new system of calendar,… At the end of his books you have family trees of the Sacquet, The Touques, the Brandebouc and the Master Samsagace. There is too the chronology of the old Earth and this is like our history class! Tolkien must have been in an other wolrd to create this fantasy world!

Many people say that it’s difficult to read him but I don’t think.Yes it can be a little be slow sometimes but it’s real pleasant to read this beautiful work! Nevertheless if you find it too long you can listen the CD of the songs which are wrote in Tolkien’s work and created by himself.  You have too a short story about a character that we met in this work: The adventures of Tom Bombadil (1967). And now with tolkienian you have too many many many by-products to can find the atmosphere of this fantasy world. But in fact if you want really this atmosphere, read the books!!!!

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