Mere Anarchy – Woody Allen

Woody Allen is more famous as film director. Indeed, he directed a lot of films such as Annie Hall, Manhattan and more recently Magic in the Moonlight. He won 4 Oscars.

However, he is also a writer. He is famous for his particular humour which made his renown and his negative vision of the life and our society. I was curious to see how Woody Allen could express himself in a book. Last week, I rode a few short stories extracted from Mere Anarchy, a collection of 18 short stories, written by Woody Allen in 2008. If you permit me this word, I would say that these shorts stories are rather surrealistic. People evolve in a nonsense atmosphere.

He imagines that famous philosophers wrote essays whose aim is to learn to lose weight. Thus, he imagines that Nietzsche has written an essay entitled my slimming secret. After, he describes how the world would be if people speak only with scientific terms in order to explain common acts. This could result in :“I woke up Friday but as the universe is in expansion it took me longer than usual to find my robe.” He also tells the story of a dentist who kills his patient because he tells his life when he is treating them. He describes also a trial during which Mickey testifies. I won’t describe you all these crazy stories. I let you discover them. This book is s a satire of our society, described with the particular humour of Woody Allen.

I advice you to read it because it’s easy and quickly to read. These short stories are gripping and really funny.

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