The adaptations of the novel Richard Matheson’s  » I am Legend « 

The novel I’m going to present is a novel whose adaptations are multiple and that was a great success.
« I am legend » is a science fiction novel by the American author Richard Matheson published in 1954. Richard Matheson tells the tragic story of a man who is the only survivor of an epidemic that has transformed all the inhabitants of the planette into horrible monsters that look like a mix between zombies and vampires. Humanity is reached by an evil and that man is immune but despite that it was the world to him, fear and loneliness gnaws him. Richard Matheson establishes in his novel a new society in which the hero of the story is not in his place.

Among all the novels of Richard Matheson, it’s « I am legend » that will generate the most interest of filmmakers. Between 1964 and 2007, four adaptations of this novel have emerged.
« The last man on earth » is the original adaptation of the novel directed by Ubaldo Ragona in 1964, the second adaptationt is that of Boris Sagal realised in 1971 called « The Omega Man » who adapts to the historical backdrop of the Cold War and civil wars. Then, Griff Sagal adaptation called « I am omega » released in 2007 is a Low cost adaptation released one month before the adaptation of Francis Lawrence. It’s this last adaptation called « i am legend » who has that most caught my attention.

It is for me a great post-apocalyptic film that plunges us into a dark and oppressive atmosphere with specatculaire view of New York completely empty. The hero is played by Will Smith who is a epoustouflant actor, and he succeeds to send us all the emotions of a man who is alone on earth. The film could be criticized for its lack of fidelity of the Richard Matheson’s novel, but it’s this modernity that I loved because it passed a society or the hero is not in his place in a society or the hero is the savior of humanity.


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  1. I watched this movie 3 years ago and I rally loved it. Will Smith is a very good actor. It’s strange but the scene I found very sad is when the dog died… It’s a very good movie.

  2. I saw the movie, but I haven’t read the novel. Personally I found that the the movie was just very good, and I recommend it to everybody!

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