The Principal characters of Lord Of The Flies

Lord Of The Flies was written by William Golding and published in 1954. As you know because we studied an extract and watched the film, it tells the story of a plane carrying british boys from high society that crashed on a desert Island where all the adults died. The kids must survive by themselves.

The group must build an organized society to survive. Each kid on the Island has a signification.


Ralph is the smartest, he is almost a teenager and he became the leader of the group by being elected, he symbolizes the republic and the reason in the group.

Jack takes gradually the control of the group by being brutal, he represent the warrior power. He is charismatic and adventurous contrary to the Ralph’s reason.

Roger is the right arm of Jack, he represent the disturbing and violent cruelty, the pleasure of hurting and killing

Piggy is the fragile obese kid, he represent knowledge but also dependence and weakness, his glasses can makes fire that is the most usefull thing on the island. He is despised by the warrior power but he needs him to make fire, so his glasses were stole by Jack and Piggy died, pushed off a cliff.

Simon represent wisdom and positivity, he loves the nature of the island. He was the first kid who died in the group in a bloody sacrifice on the altar of superstition when he went to destroy it by bringing the truth. So his death represent the loss of truth. He also represent the Christ figure in this novel because he has the capacity to see beyond the wrong ideas and what he lived in this novel can be compared to the life of Jesus Christ.


Lord Of The Flies is sometimes considered like a novel for children, but it’s clear that William Golding created those characters to raise dark and deep thoughts about great ideas and subjects about society.

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