The Terminal

I would like to present a poignant and touching film based on a true story.

The real person to whom this tragic event happened is an Iranian called Mehran Karimi Nasseri.

The terminal is an American film directed by Steven Spielberg in 2004. The genre of the film is: Comedy and tragedy.

The main actor is Tom Hanks who is also a great actor.

This is the story of an Iranian tourist, Viktor Navorski, which at the time of registration at a US airport is blocked by the fact that his country, Krakozie just seen its government overthrown, he is considered undesirable for the authorities.
Throughout history, Viktor knows some surprising evolution, it begins to « work » at the premises of the airport to feed, learns to speak American, to make friends or even fall in love with a stewardess air.

A surprising and touching evolution. One can only feel compassion for the character of Viktor,although it must be admitted that to the beginning of the film, doesn’t has a very good grip,I highly recommend it.


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