Vikings is an Irish-Canadian historical drama television serie , directed b y Michael Hirst.

This serie is inspired by the mythological Norse hero : Viking Ragnar Lothbrock.

Ragnar was a farmer but he was courageous ans he want to go with a raid in the west and discover this rich civilization.

But his Jarl , Haraldson refuses his proposition and insist that they go to the east. He was afraid of losing his boats.

But, Ragnar with his friend Floki have built their boat and went in west.

He discover the english kingdom of Northumbria.

With other warriors he attack an English Monastery. After his return , he went often in Northumbria to many others raids.


I started to watch this serie because tree weeks ago i was gone in a Murder Party , where we have play Ragnar’s story.


This serie is a little violent but it’s a good historical reconstruction.

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