Imitation game by Morten Tyldum

Last week at the cinema I had the chance to see «  Imitation Game ».
The film takes place during the Second World War.
Alan Turing, mathematician is charged by the British government to discover the secret of the Enigma encryption machine, known like inviolable.  He is at the head of  researchers and linguists. Turing works on the complexity of the machine. He will have decrypt to be able actually decrypt German messages. This machine can lead to the victory of the war.
The film then tells the impressive life of a man who is willing to do anything to change the course of the Second World War and History.
It is also the portrait of a man who found himself condemned by the society of the time because of his homosexuality.
Today the society has changed (and thankfully) but it is a very touching movie, and we go not unscathed.

I found it really touching and really gripping. I was sad when I finished it. We don’t expect the end of the film. It makes feel like living. It is a good lesson of life.

The film was nominated for best film, best actor (Benedict Cumberbatch), best actress in a Supporting Role (Keira Knightley) and  best director for Oscar’s prise.

Thus, the film works well due to the genius of Benedict Cumberbatch and the way he has inhabited Alan Turing’s persona. This is why I advise you, it is currently at the cinema :

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