« Lord of the Flies » by The Simpson!

The episode 14 of season 9 of Simpson is inspired by the book “Lord of the Flies” of William Golding. The children find themselves abandoned on an island, Bart represents Ralph, Nelson represents Jack and Milhouse represents Piggy.

I leave you with an extract of the episode! If you are curious to see the episode, will know that it’s really quite carried out!!

6 réflexions au sujet de « « Lord of the Flies » by The Simpson! »

  1. The Simpsons is a good serie to have a laugh, and it is really interesting because this episode is a very funny adaptation of Lord of the Flies. I love it!

  2. It’s funny. We can see a lot of references to cinema in The Simpsons, that’s why I like this serie. It’s very interesting !

  3. It’s a very interesting adaptation which everybody was able to see, because who doesn’t known The Simpsons, everyboy know this serie !

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