Lord of the Flies : from the book to the movie

After the first cinematographic adaptation of the famous novel by William Golding, Harry Hook, an english director, decided to direct a new cinematographic adaptation of Golding’s novel, in 1990. Even though I never watched the first one, I can say that the adaptation by Hook (we saw in class) is really close to the book. They tried to recreate the universe and the atmosphere of the book and they completly succeed. Some actors are not really close to the characters physical description of the book (like Ralph or Jack), but it is not a problem.

The atmosphere, like in the novel, is really oppresive and increase more and more through the action.

I know that this movie does not pleased everyone, because of the violence reign between these young boys, but personnaly It didn’t bother or disturb me, In fact, I was really concentrated in the way they would retranscribe the book into a movie, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The good news is that, if you want to watch this movie , you can find it on youtube, in english, of course, with english subtitles !

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  1. I prefer the novel too but you are right the story in the adaptation is really close to the book

  2. I’ve only watch the end of the movie because I only read the end of the novel and event with just this little part I have to agree with Camille I think the novel is far better than the movie.

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