I want to talk about Lost, an american TV series.

Flight 815 of Oceania crashes on a tropical island in the Pacific. We follow the story of the survivors who discovered that this island was the scene of a scientific project named Dharma. On this Island there are unknown monsters, hostile savages and intense magnetic activity, etc … The survivors will then organize and live together in peace.

I chose to talk about Lost because I think it would be interresting to compare with Lord of the Flies. I have seen some part of the series and I will finish it and I recommend it!

3 réflexions au sujet de « LOST »

  1. Even if I like this kind of story, I’ve ever seen an episode of Lost, and I don’t like it…

  2. I began this serie but never finished it.. I think it can be interesting nevertheless too frightening for me!

  3. I’ve seen like two seasons and I stopped because I spoiled myself thanks to the Internet and I wouldn’t want to give any detail which could lead you to figure out the end but once you know it (the end) you’ll understand it can’t be compared to « Lord of Flies ».

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