The 100

           The 100 is a TV show directed by Jason Rothenberg last year. This series tells the story of around 300 people who survived after a third world war. They took refuge in a space shuttle for years since the Earth was uninhabitable because of radiation from nuclear bombs used. However, due to lack of oxygen in the shuttle, residents must come back down to Earth by turning off onto the risk of dying just arrived. They survived, but meet the inhabitants of the Earth returned to almost wild. They are trying to kill them because they feel threatened. In each episode they face many dangers and difficult choices to successfully have peace with the people of the earth.

           I think this TV show matches perfectly with the concept of travel, as they discover gradually a new place they do not know.
          The first season is not great because they are not enormously actions or twists, I think it’s because it took time to develop the story. But the second season is exciting because there are a lot of actions in a short time.



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  1. I love « The 100 » and I agree with you it really fits in the travel theme. ButI personnaly prefered season one over season 2 because I feeel like there is to much going on in each episodes which might be a lot to take in every week but maybe we’ll have an inbetween if ther is a third season.

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