The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Moral and Humor


The moral is presented in numrous way in the novel, usually negative.With the character of Huck and the fact that Tom is involved in an association to ban tobacco and alcohol, we shows the desire of the forbidden, which shows that Twain morality is the main source of immorality. In test like What Is Man? Twain developp this idea, considering that it is the moral freedom given to the man that makes man capable of do evil. At the Church is hypocrisy and vanity of the Reverend Twain ridiculed throughout the episode good point shared by Tom with his friends. This hypocrisy is also directly criticized by Twain when he evoques the responsability of the girls, and the absurd moralistic constraint they are required to applied. lines or moral feelings that are not the subject of irony or it’s critical are these from the feeling of the characters: Aunt Polly is an old generous woman, which prevents punishing Tom: this defect is a nice trait of character.

Twain uses forms of humor. A typical example is the practical joke, which involves placing a person in a situation of  victim, like when Tom pretends to be dead, and all of the village cry him. This kind of humor is not without cruelty, like Twain shows with Tom back to his village, hesitating to prevent his aunt that he is alive to saved him from her grief before giving it to not spoil the surprise effect of this kind of jokes.

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